Heathen Round Table Prompt for July

What are your beliefs about deities from other religions/pantheons, both polytheistic and not? Do you honour any, and how do you balance that with heathenry?

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June Masterpost: How did you first become involved in heathenry? What started you on this path, and how has it changed you?

[Mod note: thank you to everyone for a great response to this! I have attempted to briefly summarise everyone’s post – if anyone would like this changed, or has any other feedback, please drop us a line!]

hyacinth-halcyon discusses a lifelong draw to Norse mythology, and the uncertainties of beginning a new path.

whendragons-fly on finding Loki and then Odin through Marvel and the power of their influence.

raithchan describes finding Thor through Marvel, and beginning a new path.

paganleft on a formative love of mythology, the influences of Druidry and Anglo-German heritage.

cloakandathame discusses a long and winding road and the appeal of the heathen lore.

queenofswords discusses being found by Hel, the influence of a near-death experience, other pagan traditions, and reservations about the term ‘heathen’.

snowcoveredpath on moving from Kemeticism to heathenry, and problems with the community attitude to newcomers.

ullrs-chaote describes the comforting feeling of having Gods to call one’s own after being struck by a connection.

wanderingjotun discusses being brought into heathenry by Loki, getting guidance from the gods, and avoiding the negative aspects of the community.

lavenderwrath on how the influence of Loki and Hela overcame negative preconceptions and encouraged her confidence.

asgeir9 on moving from viewing gods as Archetypes to Entities, and the lack of fear in polytheistic outlooks.

edderkopper describes Loki acting as a ‘guardian angel’ throughout an abusive childhood, and the powerful feelings of belonging and being liberated by heathenry.

kiruba74 discusses moving from agnosticism to Heathenry, doubting one’s own experiences, and the positive changes from overcoming that doubt.

myavengingvalkyrie on finding strength from a connection to the gods.

The “Heathen” in “Heathen Warrior” and How It Got There: thehammeredraven discusses a warrior ethos, the land-wights and Ragnarok.

thehouseviking describes Odin’s role in helping her and her family escape terrible circumstances.

mundusinretrograde discusses surviving abuse and finding personal strength through a connection to the gods.

woodswitchofthenorth on being called by Freyja to heathenry and to fight to change the negative aspects of the community.

anlinndubh on finding the right path through a love of mythology, history and personal ancestry, and the ups and downs of that path.

I’m Struggling A Bit With The Fact That It’s Been Three Years: theemperorsfeather describes being welcomed home by Loki and the Jotnar, and the upheavals that followed.

grimnirs-child on being called by Odin and the profound changes that came with a heathen worldview.


Introducing the Heathen Round Table

Welcome to the Heathen Round Table!

Inspired by the Kemetic Round Table, we’re aiming to create a space for heathens of all kinds to discuss and share their thoughts and experiences.

At the beginning of every month, we’ll post a prompt question about some aspect of heathenry. Anyone who wants to participate has a month to write a post in response to the prompt, tagged with #heathen round table on tumblr, or linked in the comments on our blog here so we can find it. At the end of the month we’ll put together a masterpost rounding up everyone’s responses, and post it here and at our tumblr.

The prompts will be split roughly half-and-half between fairly simple, heathenry 101 topics, and more in-depth and advanced areas. This way, we hope to provide space for both experienced heathens to discuss topics that may not get so much attention, and a resource for beginners to share their thoughts and to see how different members of the community approach heathenry.

We’re aiming to start in June, with the following prompt:

How did you first become involved in heathenry? What started you on this path, and how has it changed you?

If you have any suggestions, questions, or other kinds of feedback, please do get in touch via the comments here, at tumblr via asks or submissions! We look forward to reading everyone’s contributions!

(Please note that the moderators will not reblog or include in masterposts any material that is racist, or in any other way exclusionary or bigoted. Please be respectful of other members of the community, and those of other faiths and beliefs. Thank you.)

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